Excess weight is a nightmare that has invaded lives of many people. People have become obsessed with maintaining their body weight while those considered overweight have rushed to achieve sustained weight loss.

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Where exercise and proper dieting have not yielded results, turning to diet pills becomes the way to get the desired results. But how they yield their results is often assumed as magic, yet it is simple science.

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There are two main functional classifications of diet pills:

Appetite suppressants: These act in tricking the brain into believing that you have already had enough. The brain assumes that you are full and therefore withdraws the appetite to take more.

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They work behind the idea that if you consume less than you need, the body will use the energy reserves. The result would be reduced weight after a while. These pills are best for short term weight loss. A good example of appetite suppressant diet pill main ingredient is Phentermine.

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Fat absorption inhibitors: Fat is a recognized energy dense material and is often the major cause of obesity. As the name suggests, these pills ensure that fat is not absorbed in the stomach. The fat ingested is defecated and in the process, body weight is kept on check. Xenical as a main ingredient falls under this category and is preferred for long term effect.

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Knowledge of how the diet pill you are using works is of great assistance in achieving and sustaining the desired body weight.

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